Pattern Of Final Certificate Exam

Right now I am in the advanced training and I will be giving my final certificate exam shortly. Can anyone give me some link or describe me so that I understand the pattern and type of questions asked in final certificate examination!!


Final Exam contains:

  1. Therotical Quiz - 45 Questions - Time limit - 1 Hr 20 Mins.

  2. Practical Exam - 3 Hr 30 Mins ( You should use REFramework only)

Before attempting this exam, learn topics like REFramework, Orchestrator topics.


@arghade are you asking for a cheat sheet or a answer key?

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@lakshman Any other topic to go through. I am facing problem in RE Framework as I don’t getting some of the concepts. Can you help me with this


Tell me where you are facing issue ?

Some of the issues are
1-Don’t getting the usage of config file.
2-The main file is cofusing at times.
3-So much workflow to invoke that I am getting confused.