Pattern design diamond shape and Pyramid shape

Hello everyone can any one help me how to design star pyramid and star diamond shape in UI path… it’s very urgent tomorrow is my exam. If any one know plzz help me .

Hi @Upasna_Upadhyay ,

We would require you to Provide More details on your Requirement.

Do you want the Design to be in a Text file ?

If you could provide us Screenshots of the Expected Output, it would become more clearer.

Processing: 16510605049269203697113644619843.jpg…

Guy’s if anyone knows how to do this coding plz give me solution

are you trying to do this using Java (from your screenshot) or uipath?

I’m trying to do this design in Uipath

Please share these code as early as possible. Tomorrow is my exam

@Upasna_Upadhyay ,

Check the workflow Below : (2.6 KB)

We could Simply use the Below C# Code in Invoke Code Activity to achieve the Designs :

The Output is in the form of a Text File. Two Text Files will be created with the Design Pattern.

Thank you so much :blush::pray:

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Hi @Upasna_Upadhyay ,

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