Patient Pay Billing Requests

I want to automate the process of sending billing information through secure delivery requested on particular order tenture of period, so that the insurance /charged amount is based on the policy and validates to avoid the unbilled charges pharmacy companies and pay based on the patient responsiblity.
I am RPA Beginner, Please help me to achieve this?

Hi @sharu_priya

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Hello @sharu_priya ,

  1. If your billing is in PDF format, then use the pdf activity in uipath
    1.1. Download it from manage packages
    1.2. All Packages, search uipath.pdf.activities, Download and install the packages.
    2.Use Read PDF text activity and chose the location or path of file to read.
  2. if need to extract certain text from PDF, use regex and pass the read PDF variable. can get the certain data from PDF.

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Gokul Jai

Hi @sharu_priya,
Could you explain the process in detail. how is the input format