Path visible in an attachment

Hello everyone, I use the office 365 connector to send emails, however I have two problems:

  • The path name is visible in the attachment.
  • If an external user from my company tries to open the file, he cannot.
    I would like to find a solution so that the path is not visible but only the file name. And that my recipient can open the file without problems



Can you show what you are exactly doing and how you are passing the details



Here is :

I get email addresses from an excel file:

Then I assign the file to sent in a String variable

And I send the email to this contact while attaching the file:

Hi @DimitriLYR
Try below method to send an mail


Package name and details


Kaviyarasu N


Nothing looks wrong…but can you give a try by placing the file in the project foldwr and gice only the relative path as only filename and check if that solves…

If that solves…then may be name is taken as fullpath and as a workaround for now …before attaching can move the file to project folder and attach and can delete it later

Hope this helps


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I tried, the path name is also displayed

This activity is only available in an extended office 365…

Hello, the problem is solved, I just updated the package

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