Patch Update 4/29: Cloud Platform updated with latest build

This morning we updated the Cloud Platform with the latest build that contains several improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback. Thank you for your help and participation so far, your feedback has already made a strong impact and is helping improve the overall experience and quality.

Scope of fixes include, but not limited to:

  • Users can now sign-up/sign-in using their personal or organizational Microsoft Identities.
  • Issue in Invite Users has been resolved. Invited users can now join the UiPath Cloud platform account by clicking on “Invite link” in the email address.
  • All emails sent from UiPath Cloud platform would be from
  • Password field to accept all special characters
  • Multiple Security related fixes.

Please also keep in mind the following known issues as you continue your preview:

  • When logging out from Orchestrator (, the user will not be redirected to the UiPath Cloud portal.
  • In Orchestrator, Email update and Change password options will be enabled. These changes will not have impact on the UiPath Cloud portal.
  • In Orchestrator, the users with Administrator roles will have the permission to Upload / Delete license. This action will render inconsistency between UiPath Cloud portal license numbers and the Orchestrator numbers.
  • In Orchestrator, the users with Administrator roles will be able to create, update or delete users. The users created within Orchestrator will not be available in UiPath Cloud portal.
  • In Orchestrator, the Security settings are enabled for users with Administrator roles.
  • When invited to join the Cloud Platform account, a user will receive 2 emails: one from Cloud portal, and the other from The user should ignore the email with “Confirm Email” subject from
  • If the user removes all the licenses in a service instance, the Orchestrator tenant will default the license count to 2 for development robots.