Pasting one sheet cell value to multiple rows in another sheet

In my use case I have 2 sheets

Sheet one contains a table within one column having links and another column has some name in it. If you look at the image, I am talking about the column W and Z

So when I open each link in column Z, it opens in browser and has a table which can have few rows of data (varies from link to link)

I have already written a For loop to open each link and copy the data table in that link and past it in sheet 2 (column A-E which is automatically pasted by workflow and the data for next link is appended).

Now where I am stuck is, for each link in sheet one, there is corresponding name in W column which I want to past in sheet 2 column F.

Example, if I open link one, there are 2 rows of data in the data table on the website which is pasted in sheet 2 and for both these rows, of data I want to write the cell value in W adjacent to link 1 which is Alfa

Could someone suggest?


Please try this inside the for loop

  1. After the data extraction into datatable use add data column activity and add ResourceName column
  2. Use assign as follows dt.Columns(“ResouceName”).Expression = "'" + currentrow("W").ToString + "'"

Hope this helps


Thanks for your time Anil, sorry but I could not get info about filling each line based on your suggestion, any chance you could suggest by this screenshot

I have 3 cells to fill, Column, Column name and DataTable


This is what you need to include after extract datatable


Hope this helps


@girishankar09 -

  • When you are opening each link in each row, make sure you are also reading the respective “w” row and save it in a variable.
  • I’m hoping you are doing the extraction in the website using data scraping (output:DT), after extraction, add a separate column as Resource Name to the existing data table (DT)
  • Use For Each Row, then update the “w” column value (which must be in a variable) to the last column of DT
  • Write this data table(DT) to the excel, clear the data table. Repeat the same steps for the next link
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You are Amazing as always, thanks

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