Paste Excel Data Table using hot key ctrl+"v" into web app

When pasting into the web app I have the following in my assign

pasteString = dtLines(tblRow)(0).ToString + " " + dtLines(tblRow)(1).ToString + " " + etc…

When it pastes the data, it is not separated into each individual column as specified, it randomly adds the columns together. How do I add a space/tab if the data is never the same size in each column and sometimes the data is blank and it needs to tab through.

Should I just be using a write CSV activity and then read that to get the spaces/tabs necessary?

Instead of that, you can do this @workwithit

Type into that particular area as

dtLines(tblRow)(0).ToString + “[k(tab)]” + dtLines(tblRow)(1).ToString + “[k(tab)]” + and so on

Try this :slight_smile:

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This worked! Thank you for your help!

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