Paste data in Excel From Clipboard



I’m trying to paste data into Excel from the clipboard and then save the excel. I tried using hotkeys but they aren’t reliable sometimes they work and sometimes they won’t.
I have tried updating the selectors using attach to live screen option. But the problem still remains, I’m not able to get 100% reliable results.
Is there is another way to paste the data into excel? How can I make my Hotkeys more reliable?
Here is my Xml file.

outlook to excel Main.xaml (34.8 KB)

Thank you


Hi @RishiVC1,
In case you want to write your data to excel file, directly you have activities:

  1. Write Range
  2. Write Cell

Still if you want to automate your excel file inside Citrix (You can’t use the Excel Application Scope) in that case, you can use Ctrl+G and enter your cell address then navigate to the required cell.

Note: In case of using hotkeys to save, you can use click image and click on the save icon. It is more reliable in this saving case.



Thank you for the quick reply @jibanjyoti. Write cell and Write Range activity aren’t of much use to me, as my tabular data is coming from outlook. The solution attached to the question is based on the solution provided on this link:

Can I use write range in this case? Please have a look at the XML too if you haven’t already.

I have tried click activity too in the past I faced the same issue. I haven’t tried click on image option though.