Paste content in another sheet post the activity

I am performing an activity where in the attached image sheet ‘Process’. For each Row which is ‘Active’ under column ‘Status’, I open the link, perform click activity and then run a macros. This one I already achieved.

But I want to add another activities, where post performing click and macros file run, I want to copy the values in “List” “L” “LA” “TQ” and “Current time” of the Active cell which I performed activities into sheet “Log” which I am unable to do, especially because I will continuously be running this code and it should keep appending the data in sheet “Log” into the next available empty row. I do not want to override

Attached the screenshots

Could anyone suggest?

I don’t know if I understood correctly. If you want to open the link and insert the data from the other columns within the opened page, you could take this excel and put it in a datatable and make a loop. Within this loop, you would open a Browser scope with the information of the column that is the link and you would have the necessary data to insert, if you want to make any updates, you can use an assign. It makes sense?


Sorry if I did not put the question correctly. clicking link against the rows which are ‘Active’ under status column and other actions I already figured out and it is done.

Now what I need is, for each row which has status ‘Active’ I want to copy the values which are under the columns '“L” “LA” “TQ” and “Current time” to be pasted under the sheet “log”. Since this code will keep running, every time this happens, it should keep appending to the next empty row under ‘Log’ sheet rather than replacing or overriding.

If you look at the image below, this is what I want to do using the workflow

Hi @girishankar09 ,

Just to confirm, are you trying to append a row to a sheet with information from a different row?