Paste as values in Excel

I have applied a vlookup on an entire column and it is working fine as well. But the problem is that i want to paste the values as Paste as value in that column and i do not know how to do that ?
for example when i am clicking on the value it is showing vlookup so i want to show only values not the vlookup which i applied.
can anyone help ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Sachin, I’m not sure I understand you very well! But could you take these returned values ​​in VLOOKUP and then filter so that only these values ​​are displayed?

filter means i did not get you ?
i have applied v lookup and got the values as well in cells of a column but the problem is that when i am double clicking on that value which i got form the v lookup i am getting the formula so i want only values after puuting v lookup.

the thing i want here is that i want only values.
i do not want to formula.