Paste a picture on a happy birthday template

Hi All,
I am trying to paste images on a happy birthday template. Any ideas on how to get this done would be great.

Thanks in advance,
Pooja S

Hi @Pooja_Shiv ,

it really depends on the template and the expected format. It occurs to me you could create an html template, replace the image path and send it via email.

Something like this

<h1>Happy Birthday {Name}</h1>
<img src="{imagePath}"/>
<p>Best wishes <br/>
Your Company Name</p>

Make it pretty, add some css (sorry I like css, css don’t like me) and ready to go

Automating your bday cards will be a piece of :cake:

I have the template. It is just that I want to paste a pic on the template. If you can help me, it would be great.

Thank you,


Could you please show us the template how it looks?

We have to use the HTML Content to attach/Paste the Image inside the body