Past values from Datatable to Columns selection


I have two datatables from DT_A I need to read from one column names of columns of DT_B, which I have to select from DT_B and store to final file.
I found in this forum command DT.Select.CopyToDataTable().DefaultView.ToTable(False, “ColumnName1”,“ColumnName2”,…).
I found, that Column names can be replaced by Array of Strings variable.

But my list of column names from DT_A is changing. So I tried use List instead Array for reading from DT_A, but UIPath don’t want to accept List in command, which I wrote before.

Please, do you know how to convert List of strings to Array of strings or How to put List to this command?
Or maybe I’m in totally wrong way and there is better how to select Columns from one datatable based on value from second DT.

Thank you very much



Should work.