Password Stored Locally by Accident - Client Security Hash Assignment

During my first test run of the System1 login my robot didn’t connect to Orchestrator and asked for the credentials locally. Not realizing what it was I entered my windows credentials. Now the robot is entering my windows credentials into AcmeSystem1 every time. Where are these stored and how do I delete them so it uses Orchestrator?

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  1. If the Code is already published to Orchestrator - Then youneed to Send an updated nudget to Orchestrator.

  2. If not - Open the Project in uipath studio - Navigate to Login Section of Acme Site . You would have used a Type into Activity to type tehe username and Password.

  3. YOu can Use universal search of studio and type your username - The search should redirect you to the activity - below that you will find the type into of password - if this fails - Search for typeInto into universal search.

  4. For getting assets From Orchestrator make use of Get Credential Activity post creating Assset in Orchestrator.


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I invoked the GetCredential workflow as it’s set up in the default REFramework template. When I open the workflow it has a try/catch that will ask for credentials locally if it doesn’t connect to Orchestrator. When I search for the username I created I don’t get any results. I found the out_username and out_password variables which must be where they were assigned… but the value field is empty. I’m not sure where they are being stored.

1.In the workflow look for any arguments that are being passed
2.check for variable values
3. The re framework template attempt to take the window credentials if not found from orchestrator. Read the flow activity by activities , keeping an eye on the variable pane and you can get it.

I went through every variable with a coworker and the credentials were not stored anywhere we could find. We went activity by activity. We deleted the GetCredential Workflow and just used the Get Credentials activity in the System1 workflow. It connected to Orchestrator with no issues the first time.

Is your issue resolved now ?

If not , can you share your code here , I can have a look and revert.