Password Proctected Excel File

Hi Community,

I would like to read password proctected file and i have search around the solution. The solution does not work for me and would like to ask if someone can help me to look at the project file attached below?

The password for each file is " abc"

Thank you. (23.7 KB)

Hi @SH_94 ,

You can simply provide the workbook password/password variable in Excel Application Scope properties

Hey @SH_94

You have password for the zip or the files present inside it ?

If it’s the files present inside, then what’s the type of those files ?


Hello @SH_94

You need to provide the Password in the “Password” property in the Excel Application scope.

Is this what you are looking for or the requirement is different?

Hi @SH_94

I’ve checked your project and the attached files.
I’ve tested them in various possible combinations and what I’ve found is, you need to fill out both Edit Password and Password properties of Excel Application Scope.

Password - is to allow the bot to open the file
Edit Password - is to allow the bot to do any changes (in this case Read Range)

I hope this helps you.

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Hello @MdFuadHasan ,
I was looking for a solution and your solution works well for me.


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