Password change in services.msc

Hi Team,

is it possible to change the password in services.msc?
if yes any commands or any process?


Maybe this is not the right forum to ask this question as this is Microsoft-Windows related. But anyway… which password do you want to change? Services.msc shows the services of windows. It does not have a password except password for priviledged access (admin)? Do you mean how to change a windows-password?

Hi @mwerner

I just want to automate this process using uipath, that’s why asked here.
the scenario is: the user will raise a ticket for password change. team changes the password and update in services(for respective app service in services.msc ), then the password will reflect in-app server.

@rajsekhar What is the bottleneck you are facing in executing/automating the process?

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K

Unable to focus on the required service line item

Like Selector issue or element is not recognising or what exactly you are looking for?
If possible could you provide us with some more information about your query?

able to recognize the selector, not working any UI activities( set focusing , element exist , find children, find element… etc).

Hmm… interesting can you share the snapshots or selectors of the activities which are not working?


Set focus selector:

Find children selector:

now selectors are working, after updating the studio

thanx for your help

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