Passing variables through state machine


I have a state machine which consists of few states and in turn they call workflows. Is there anyway I can pass variables / arguments (values) from one state to another?

The scenario is like, we have a state where we get data from a config file. I need to pass this value to another state.


State machine will also have arguments right? You can pass the information using Arguments in two state machines like we pass the config dictionary from one workflow to another .

If you want to pass those to a inner workflow, assign to a local variable inside state machine and pass them to the workflow @enoondusandeepa

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Will try this now. Thank you!

Let me know if it helps @enoondusandeepa

Good going :slight_smile:

Passing arguments with In Property works! I had created variables as well with same name. That was the reason it was not working!

Thank you!

Glad you got the solution :slight_smile: @enoondusandeepa

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