Passing values from one page to another


I have shared some screenshots and how to use the new app data to get field value…please check

General syntax is PageName.ControlName.Value

Once you get the value …this value can be attached to an app variable…and that app varible can be used in any page


@aditi.kumari ,

You can create an app variable of type entity and then set the app variable on selected or click and then u can access on other page as an object all.

If you have only single variable then you can use same.

How to create a variable of entity type in UiPath apps?

@Aditi_Jha @aditi.kumari

  1. On click on button you need to assign the textbox or the file value to an app variable
  2. The same app variable needs to be used in set value


This method is not working. the value is not getting reflected on next page.


Did you create a run to save the data to app variable on click on button?


@Aditi_Jha ,

Make sure you have added an entity to app to create entity type app variable.

Lets do as below.

  1. Create an app

  2. Create a page

  3. Add entity into App

  4. Add display control table to display all the records

  5. Now assume you have to display the selected records on other page like edit or view page do as below.

  6. On select pass the selected row to variable object .

  7. On select implement below rule


Its basically your PageName.Control.SelectedItem.Entity

Now if you want to transfer only a single value.

  1. Create a app variable of your desired type.
  2. On rule implement set value (anywhere where you want to transfer)



How to create a run to save the data?

@aditi.kumari ,

what do you mean by run?


you said na, you need to create a run to save the data.

In this case, will it be dynamic? I didn’t get this method.

Yes this will be dynamic.

what;s your convern @aditi.kumari

what do you mean by “save run”? @Anil_G

will the entity be made in data service and what fields should it contain? @Arvind_Kumar1

@aditi.kumari ,

Please have a look at below video. this can solve your answer.


@Arvind_Kumar1 There is no option to select the type of app variable in my UiPath apps.

I can only create app variables from this tab. Here, there is no option to select the type.

Hello, yes. I am available for a call. You can mail me at


@Aditi_Jha ,

as you shown you are not using VB Apps. so please do below steps on legacy app.

  1. Set Value on click rule
  2. Create app variable
  3. In Set value pass the App variable and set value from your custom list.
  4. you can use app variable across other page now.




Sorry that was a type I mean rule


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