Passing Value while exception occur

Hi All,

I’m facing an issue regarding my workflow, when there is any exception occur into the workflow the argument didn’t get write the value in the database. There are multiple workflow are there from which some value are coming to the main flow and i’m using re-throw.

Please suggest any work around for that.


Can you please elaborate what the actual error is. You mean even if you get exception some value should get written to database?

Yes if i got the exception i want the value should get written to database. Let me know the work around

Then why not use Catch block or the Finally block to do so. Dont use rethrow and write the values in Catch or finally block

I’m using catch block, can you let me know how can i take the value from one workflow to another

Create an In_Argument in parent and child workflow that would be for Child workflow and create Out_Argument with same names this would pass the value out of the child workflow to parent workflow

this for the exception capture