Passing Username, Password, and URLs between Library workflows


I’m trying to creatProcessing: FIL_IDC_CreateIdentInfo.xaml…
Processing: Input Program and Login Info.xaml…
e a library that contains a workflow that prompts the user to enter their username, password and select which software version (Alpha or Bravo) they want to test.

The username entered is then slightly modified and assigned to a new argument. This is because each user has multiple accounts. These accounts are used to test various stages of the software, and require individual library components.

I know the library components can be published, imported into another project, and separate variables created to pass the information. But I want to avoid this!!! I would like the username/password/softwareVersion arguemnts to automatically be passed to each library component.

I’ve tried the activity “invoke workflow file” but it also causes the password/username/softwareVersion input dialog boxes to appear every time as well. Is there any way to avoid that?


Have a boolean argument with the default value of false and based on that display the input dialog box. Set it to true when required.