Passing the variable using invoke activity

Hi all,

I have three workflow like A,B,C and I want to pass the variable from workflow C to workflow B and from workflow B to A using invoke activity.
So how to resolve the problem.

Hi @Meenakshi6246

Refer this link

Hi @Meenakshi6246

if you want to pass from Workflow C to Workflow B then i am assuming that you are invoking Workflow B inside Workflow C.

In above image you have to specify direction - in,out,in/out and type the value that you are trying to pass.

In – the argument can only be used within the given project.
Out – the argument can be used to pass data outside of a given project.
In/Out – the arguments can be used both within and outside of a given project.

In the similar way you can pass values from Workflow B to Workflow A.