Passing the screen-scraper the webpage as a variable

Hello All,

I have been struggling for an evening trying to solve this problem but it throws an error every time I try.

The scenario is that I have an Access datatable or an Excel spreadsheet with a list of web links to a wiki and because the structure of the wiki is the same for all links I want to supply the scraper with a url, save the output with a date and compare with a previous date. Then move on to the next link and rinse and repeat but I don`t get that far I just get stuck trying to pass the scraper the variable with the webpage location.

Is it possible to pass the scraper the URL as a variable? If so how?

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See attachment and see if it helps. You will see that I use a link as url and then I do the scrapping.

WebScrapping_test.xaml (10.9 KB)

I have to confess that I’m new on using UiPath and int he example I sent you the last step to export the data is not working.

I hope the example with the variable helps you though