Passing the Dynamic values to the body payload in HTTP PUT requests

Hi team,

As I am using the HTTP Request for PUT method.

While I am passing the payload in the BODY for dynamic values I am getting the response as 400

I am passing the payload as “{”“state”“:”“3"”,““comments””:““Completed””}"

The above payload query is working as expected but while I tried to pass some other comments, I am getting error.

I tried another way as “{”“state”“:”“3"”,““comments””:+StrValue+“” Completed"“}”

where strValue=the Id of the transaction for every transaction

So this second payload is not working .

Kindly help me on this


Hi @srinusoft37

Seems like there are some syntax issues in the dynamic parsing of the data into the payload. Please try the following syntax & let us know if this works:

"{""state"":""3"",""comments"":""" + StrValue + " Completed""}"

Hope this helps,
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can we also pass more dynamic values like strString and soon

For multiple dynamic values how can we edit the code we need to have the body in another like also at that time I am using the Environment.newline

so could you please help for that as well

“{”“state”“:”“3"”,““comments””:“”" + StrValue + " Completed" +Environment.Newline+“” strString"" “}”

please kindly help me on this, So I can change acording to my code.



You can certainly pass multiple values, something like this:

"{""state"":""3"",""comments"":""" + StrValue + " Completed" + Environment.NewLine + strString + """}"

Best Regards.

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For multiple values this is not working as Expected. The actual string I need to update is as follows

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This should be come in comments section.

I tried with multiple ways but failed to fine the solution.

Kindly help me on this

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