Passing "Rules.json" file from custom location rather than from "%local%/Appdata/etc" location

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out is there a way that we can pass the “Rules.json” file from a custom location rather than keeping it under “%local%/Appdata/etc” location and running the workflow analyzer.
As part of our general code reviews and CI/CD project, we want to define our rules in 'Rules.json" file and keep it some where in common location(Ex: say github) and invoke it when running the workflow analyzer(either from CMD or studio). That way we dont have to update the “Rules.json” file in all the system every time when we have a change.

Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks and suggestion in advance!


give a try to replace the Rules.Json with a symbolic link to the Rules.Json stored on another location
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Thanks for the idea @ppr!! . will definitely give it a try.