Passing parameters to google script in studion's gsuite activity


I’m trying to pass parameters to a Google script but they are not being read by the script. Otherwise the script is running correctly. For example, how could I pass the string “Hello World” as a parameter to my google script?

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Hi @Ben_Herzick

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Kindly check parameter types. The parameters to be passed to the function being executed. The object type for each parameter should match the expected type in Apps Script. Parameters cannot be Apps Script-specific object types (such as Document or Calendar ), they can only be primitive types such as string , number , array , object , or boolean .

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Thank you for your reply @Jobin_Joy .

I’m unable to change the parameter type when entering. It defaults to object with no dropdown options available. How could I pass this parameter as a string?

You change the type from object to desired primitive type in the script.

Thank you.

Thank you again. I realize now that my issue was that I needed to update the deployment version of my Google Script after making changes to accept parameters.

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