Passing information from variable to arguments across multiple sequences

I want to make sure that I understand the process of passing information out/in using variables and arguments. I wrote it in a workflow and a graphic format. Please let me know if I have it correct or not. Thanks in advance!

Child Sequence A

  • Assign Activity (for example)
    • number_ca (INT32, child seq A level, variable) = 5
  • number_ca value is set to out_Number_ca (INT32, child seq A level, argument)
  • out_Number_ca now equals 5

Parent Sequence A

  • Import Arguments
  • out_Number_ca is assigned to number_pa (INT32, parent seq level, variable)
    • Number_pa now equals 5
  • number_pa is assigned to in_Number_cb (INT32, parent seq level, argument)
    • in_Number_cb now equals 5

Child Sequence B

  • number_cb value is set to in_Number_cb (INT32, child seq B level, argument)
  • number_cb now equals 5

Does this graphic make sense?

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Hi @rpa3po,

You seem to be on the right track passing arguments in and out. Just to be sure,number_pa is assigned to in_Number_cb in the Import Arguments window of Import Sequence B workflow.



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