Passing control from attended automation to app for more data input

I have an attended automation that is called from an app and then needs more data from the user. In Studio, that need is met by having the automation throw a dialog box and wait for the user input. What is the equivalent when the automation is called from an app and I want all user interaction to be solely with the app?

@neil.obrien ,

UiPath Apps enabled low code enterprise app development where you can develop and app with drag and drop the control and you can write rules to call process/dataservice.

UiPath Apps do not integrate with UiPath Process activity directly. for this you need to build Action center form and you can design the action center form into UiPath studio.

Lets us know if you need more details.


Thank you Arvind.
It seems Action Center is really a more elaborate version of the dialog box and the user would also need to access Action Center. I can see the value of it in many use cases. In my case, I want my user to only interact with the app - not Studio or Action Center. Essentially, make data captured in the app available to the process as it is running.

@neil.obrien ,

Yes thats correct,


Hi Neil
In that case what you can do you can make the arguments in studio for all the values you need and in uipath apps you can drag and drop the textbox or textarea activities and in that activites you can bind the values with the arguments and when user enter the values in textbox or textarea those values will be passed into the arguments and you can get the result in uipath studio.


Hi Naman_Jain,
I guess this works if you want to pass the data from the app to the process before the process starts. But, in my case the process is started already and the arguments are not refreshed real time.

Hi @neil.obrien
I think you can explore the option of app variable in uipath apps. Hope it will help you !!

Naman Jain

Data Service works for this.

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