Passing Browser object between workflow - slower?


In a recent automation I built, using the reframework, I’m storing a browser object in the global dictionary object Config. Most of the workflows, extract the browser object from the dictionary and the first thing these workflow do, is the Attach Browser activity and then they perform whatever it is they need to do.

Now, this automation, overall, is really slow. The GUI part. Like, there is no activity that times out. It just takes a long time between many gui activities. I don’t know if passing a Browser object between workflow is the cause. Or if it is the extraction of the browser object that is the cause. Or the attachment activity. Or something else.

What I did notice, was that when I made another, quick-and-dirty workflow in the Tests folder, that needed to do many of the gui activities, It all went much faster.

So, I guess I’m asking if anyone has had the same experience. Or know-how. Or anything really that could shed some light on this.


Hi @bcm

Any chance you could provide a sample project using some sample public website that would showcase this behaviour? :slight_smile:

It could be that there are some improvements that can be done to the performance.