Passing Arguments Without Invoking Entire Workflow


This may be a very basic question. Is there a way to pass arguments between workflows without invoking the entire workflow the argument is coming from? For example, if I had a workflow downloading and reading a csv file then storing values from the csv into arguments. Later, I want to use those arguments in different workflows without invoking the entirety of the original workflow using the (downloading and reading the csv) but only obtain the arguments. Is this possible?

I think you can write result into a temporary excel file to use for another workflows.

Hey @Jcircuit13,

You need not to Invoke that download workflow again and again, just create the workflow C with the argument out direction and where you have invoked that workflow C in workflow B again create an out direction argument and you can invoke workflow B in workflow A and in that workflow A create a variable and get the value of argument from Workflow B to variable Workflow A.


Hi @Jcircuit13 ,I hope you are doing well.
I recommend you to always use RE-framework wherever it is possible.
1)In your case you can call downloading and reading a csv file workflows only one time in InitAllapplications scope of the RE-framework’s initialization scope.
2)After that you can store the values in the out arguments of the main workflow.
3)Hence, you can now use those out arguments value anywhere in your framework/process without calling those workflows again.

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Shubham Dutta

I’ll be honest you lost me a bit here. You would be able to upload an example?

Hi @Shubham_Dutta

After looking into REFramework I think it will work for me. Thank you!

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