Passing arguments to other workflows

Hello dear developers :smiley:

I have a process thats handling some tasks. It contains a id that i would need for later processes. I am storing the the id in a queue solution in orchestrator. But i want to make my processes more independent. So wonder if its possible to pass that ID as an argument to my queue process so it know what to look for ?

I would like to help you, I’m not sure I understood you correctly.

  1. a process processes transaction items (let’s say queue1). This creates an ID which is necessary for other process. 2.
  2. the ID is loaded as a new queue item into another queue (let’s say queue2).
  3. other processes should now search for this ID in queue2 to know if they have to process something?

Did I understand that correctly?

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Yes kind of.
what i am doing today its that i have 4 processes combined into 1 robot

  1. Checks invoices and creates case
  2. Updates queue table in orchestrator ( to check if its completed the create case )
  3. Updates the case when it has the missing information ( gets this from mail, very various of when)
  4. Approves the case

The process 2 needs some arguments from process 1 to know what to look for, same goes for the other robots. they need data across eachother. So instead of having millions of invoke workflows inside each process is it possible to just pass the arguments from example process1 to process 2? (that i make the trigger happend in process 1 so when it open process2 or when it runs it has the data it needs ?