Passing already build objects as arguments (not standard way)

I’m trying to make debugging more friendly :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone knows or could point me how, to get already build objects (data tables, transaction item, dictionary, list, etc) and pass them as argument.
What I mean is:
let say I have component 1.
This component is building dt. Now I would like to save/copy already build dt and past those dt with values as argument for component 2.
I don’t won’t use component 1 any more (I’ve got what I want) so standard
The question is how to init the dt (as argument in component 2) so I can run component 2 as many times I need without running component 1 but still have all the values in dt.

I hope you get my point :slight_smile:

in such cases we can do following:

  • component 2 is defining arguments (eg. in direction)
  • we check on the begin if the argument is its null isNothing(in_argumentname)
    • if it set by the invoke workflow we use the value
    • if it is null, we use/load/create a dummy / mockup value

So this pattern helps to run standalone parts, which are later be used in invoke call chains

This is the point where the answer framed like not possible
The reason is every process when started executing it has its own fresh variables arguments unless it is triggered by another process
Only if it is triggered by another process the arguments can be passed

Else the moment when process stops and is closed argument also vanish

If we want to still use that argument as a input to another process then it has to be saved externally as a input file so that it can be read and used as a input data
Here ours is a datatable so it is very easy to use as a excel file

Cheers @robert.ozog

Thank you for you answers.
I knew it will be difficult to explain.
But you are both do not get clue of my question :slight_smile:
Not surprise for me. It’s not existing but it’s possible.
Someone fluent with VB should know the answer :slight_smile:
Let say you created dictionary.
Now you would like to use this dictionary (without creating this dictionary over and over again) in different component.
What can we do in “second” component is creating and init those dictionary with all values.
For dictionary of string, string it will look like that:
New Dictionary(Of String, String) From{{“sheetID”, efretbryygdf23r4ty54htrbgfdv”},{“sheetName”, “testSheet”}}
As you can see, now you can use data from dictionary without creating the dictionary over and over again.
I’m more than sure that it can be done for every object in UiPath.