Passed the UiARD! Wahoo! But now the 5 day wait for the badge begins

So I just passed the exam, wow! It was hard, much harder than the practice tests! But I studied like crazy for it so does feel satisfying to get a pass.

It’s slightly concerning that I now have to wait 5 days for the badge to come through, has anyone ever had their result overturned in the review after the exam?

The proctoring process was a little weird, the examiner never said anything to me at all, no chat messages or anything. So I “assume” both my photos and conduct were ok?! Like surely they would give me a warning or tell me that the photos weren’t good enough if they were unhappy with it right?

Its not weird to wait. Its just that the information needs to get processed, data needs to be added to databases, automations ran to sync that with forum data. Its very normal.

Agreed on Proctoring, they did talk to me. When I try to concentrate on reading something, as I was in the questions because they can try to trick you if you arent thorough (which isnt cool in my opinion), I read the questions out loud. I was barely whispering them to myself as I was doing this but the Proctor wasn’t happy, they also messaged me to tell me off cause I learnt to one side in my chair at one point so my head wasn’t central to my webcam.

Still passed without issue as these aren’t things they can fail you for. I heard of someone that was failed for conduct, but thats cause someone entered the room they were in and they were told immediately.

Hello @Wanaka_Digital

Hope you got the summary of the examination as passed. Have you checked in pearson website and whats the status there??

You will get The certificate in the below link