Pass Variables in Selectors Issue

When i try to find the Ui Element through UiExplorer. i got like this

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’* - Transac*’
webctrl aaname=‘Female’ parentid=‘TAB_PERSONAL__SEC_1__PART1__FST_BASIC’ tag=‘LABEL’ class=‘LBLauto’

The control which i want to find and click is a radiobutton which had gender values (ex Male, Female) and i am passing the gender value in a string to the selector like this

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’* - Transac*’
webctrl aaname=’"+ gender +"’ parentid=‘TAB_PERSONAL__SEC_1__PART1__FST_BASIC’ tag=‘LABEL’ class=‘LBLauto’

In my log message i am getting the selector properly with the gender value what i specified in the variable. But when it comes to click activity to select the radiobutton, its throwing error as
Attribute not supported by the current UiNode”. Please help me to solve this issue.

Since you have to click radio buttons, could you please try with Check activity instead of Click and see if the error persists?

Which studio version are you using?

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i am using the trial version and i tried using both check and click activity to select a radiobutton, its not working.

Can we have URL for testing?