Pass variable from config file

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I am reaching out about , I have below html table format which I want to make configurable also I need to pass variable from config like “TD_DependencyTableData” and this is dynamic variable which create dynamic table dat how could I put his value in config file so that I can use this in outlook mail activity to send that data in table format.
like below

Below file(s) not available required to create proposal for KMP Standard and Non Standard Jobs


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Hey @Aleem_Khan

The HTML table you are scraping from any webpage during the process ?



For sending the Excel File to as HTML tables, you can better use For Each row activity and inside that use tags to construct your table

You should enable IsBodyHtml option from Send outlook mail message, as you are sending as a HTML code

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Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

There are Custom Activities that can Convert a Datatable to an HTML Table in the Marketplace. One of the Activities is mentioned below. Let us know if this is not what you’re looking for.