Pass invoked python script to another python scope

Is it possible to pass an invoked python script in one scope to another python scope? My reason for thinking this is if you have a Reframework process that has to invoke the script on each transaction this could be an overhead in time. Or is this something that is not actually likely to take long? I am a python newbie!

Hi @ewanc1

I am not clear with your point

Can u elaborate please?

Thanks @NIVED_NAMBIAR, I want to load a script in one python scope and then pass the output script variable to the invoke python method in another scope, as per screenshot below. The thinking being that in a reframework scenario it saves you loading the script on every transaction. As over a 1000 transactions this could save significant time.

Since i feel it is linear process

so same transaction item is going through the both actvities

Why u need to do like this ?


Use Invoke Workflow and define your flow

You can reuse and also add arguments

Hope this helps you


Thanks for the responses, I’ve maybe not explained my question well. The screenshot was just a proof of concept. It won’t be a linear process, it will be in ReFramework. Even with an invoke workflow, on each transaction the ReFramework will need to load the python script each time, in the load python script activity, potentially causing an overhead in processing time. Perhaps that is not likely to be an issue hence the confusion.