Pass information from one variable to another site in another workflow


I have a problem identifying the best logic to perform as my next project activities.

I understand about arguments, the problem is how to perform the activity


Login to site 1
Site Navigation 1
Download Files
Download Files
Unzip xml
Unzip PDF

** For each for extracting XML data from all folder files


nNF = xml_Doc.descendants().Where(function(n)n.Name.LocalName = “nNF”).value
CNPJ = xml_Doc.descendants().Where(function(n)n.Name.LocalName = “CNPJ”).Skip(0).value
xNome = xml_Doc.descendants().Where(function(n)n.Name.LocalName = “xNome”).Skip(0).value

Login site 2
Site Navigation 2

Now I need to pass the information from nNF, CNPJ, Xname to site 2 fields, one XML at a time.
Pass data from first XML, save
Pass data from second XML, save

I have been analyzing the process for some time and have not yet come to a conclusion on how I can perform this task.

Does anyone have an idea to help me?

Something like this? Using ForEach Statement

  1. get XML’s (List, Array, etc)
  2. For each XML, Do:
  • Fill Variables
  • Login, Navigate, Logout


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but how to bring the information contained in the previous flow.
I changed the variables for arguments and my question is how to use get and for each.
I don’t know if I have to use the get transaction Item, I don’t know. I’m using the framework

I thought of creating a flow to count the amount of documents inside the XML folder
and in the stream to enter the information in site 2 insert a while count < files, something like that.
but there is still the question of how to pass this information.
I think I lost total now lol

I guess you can set your workflows like:

  1. First workflow will get a List of XML Files (Output: Out_XMLFiles argument, type List)
  2. Second Workflow will iterate over List (Input: in_XMLFiles argument, type List)

Check this case:
First Workflow will be invoked and it will return a Config Argument

Second Workflow will receive that config as a Input argument

This is the way I understand your question…

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You could create an array of list of Files and pass it as an argument to next workflow…

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right @asesor-rpa

To be honest I did not understand very well, but I will put into practice the logic suggested, let’s see if it clears a little. I inform you how it happened


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