Pass information from one column to another

I have a Datatable with a column (“Status”)
In the column, there are the lines (“YES”) and (“NO”)

If the row of column(“Status”) = (“YES”)
I need to pass the Column rows to another datatable

Can anyone help?

Hi @Hendrix_Santos
You can use add datarow to add that row to datatable based on if condition provided based Status Column

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HI @Hendrix_Santos

You can try this

  • Read the excel file(read Range)
  • Filter Datatble(Condition : “Column name” contains “YES”) save in new datatable
  • Write range and write that in new sheet or excel file

Can you provide sample input ?


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Hi [Hendrix Santos,
Please follow this workflow


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Going line by line, the robot takes a long time because the database is huge, would there be a faster and clearer solution?

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Yes solution by @Sudharsan_Ka would be faster :slight_smile:


Thank You Peoples :slight_smile:


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