Pass dynamic path in sharepoint URL

Hi Team,
I want to download files from the email template folder of sharepoint for which below is the path:

so 2020,q1,tax is the dataitem that will be fetched from the queue which i am fetching like:
and so on.
Now how can i pass it into the above relative URL so that files can be downloaded from the sharepoint.

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please help

Hi, if you want help from specific people, you can send them direct messages, if you want help from anyone willing to help, please dont tag people directly in your question.

What are the activity your are using to download a file manually?

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Here is my best guess of what you want to acheive.

You have a dynamic URL that points to different folders depending on year, quarter etc. The general format for this URL is:
/Shared%20Documents/[YEAR]/Q[Q NO]/[DEPARTMENT]/Reference%20Folder/Email%20Templates

Define this URL as an input string and use the String.Replace method to replace the Year, Quarter No, Department and so on.

The attached workflow implements this solution. Does this match your requirements?Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

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