Pass dropdown argument and let user choose one


We are working on an unattended bot and for the trigger, the requirement is to choose the City the admin belong to. The problem we are facing is that the admins are making a typo error which is faulting the bot(This exception is handled as city not identified). Now the operations requirement is to change the argument to a dropdown list so that they can choose the item they want without any typo errors. Is there a way we can achieve this?

Hi @pdevakumar

After the trigger, what activity are you using to get user input?
Is it an Input Dialog?

  1. You can use the “Options” array property to pass a list of options
  2. Alternatively, use the “Options String” property to achieve the same outcome.
    Options are within one string, separated by a semicolon ( ; )

NOTE: You may want to change the Dialog Title and Input Label to suit your needs :wink:

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Also, you can of course go bigger and implement UiPath Forms for a better user experience! :star_struck: