Pass data from uipath to 3rd party application ( can not read any file locally )

Hi All,

I am facing some problem in passing data from uipath process to 3rd party application which can take data only xml or json format and can not read any file locally. I am new to uipath please let me know how can I perform the same.



Passing data means are you trying to copy paste or type into, explain in detail what you are trying to do here.

Also explain about the application to which the data is to be passed. Hence well have better idea of issue.

Thanks for the reply.

I have create a process which reads data from local file say excel file now I need to pass the this data to web application which takes input in form of Json API.


In this case try using HTTP Request activity, here you can config URL, request type, headers and body of API.

Will it help me to send data from uipath process to other application in form of API. in short I want to create API within uipath process so that I can pass this data from uipath to other application via API.


Sure you can parse data as json or data of any type and send it with API call using UiPath. Refer to video for clarification.