Pass data between RE framework and DU/extractor?

Hi, I was recently trained in Document Understanding and I see many ways I can use it, but usually in conjunction with an automation built with the Robotic Enterprise (RE) framework. For example, the automation could navigate to an online database, open a record, then open a shared drive folder, find the corresponding PDF file for that record, extract the data from it, and compare it, field-by-field, with the database record.

Are any of you using DU this way? If so, any tips on how to execute it? Obviously we need to pass a parameter (e.g. PDF filename and path) from the RE module to the DU module, and get back in return a data element such as a data table with the field names and values. But I don’t know how that would work in terms of getting the two components to talk to each other.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I have used Document Understanding (DU) in conjunction with the Robotic Enterprise (RE) framework. It is a very powerful combination that can be used to automate a wide variety of tasks.

In your example, you could use the RE framework to navigate to the online database, open the record, and get the PDF filename and path. You could then use the DU framework to extract the data from the PDF file and compare it to the database record.

To pass the PDF filename and path from the RE module to the DU module, you can use the InvokeWorkflow activity. The InvokeWorkflow activity allows you to call another workflow from within your current workflow. In this case, you would call the DU workflow and pass the PDF filename and path as parameters.

The DU workflow would then use the Document Understanding activities to extract the data from the PDF file. Once the data has been extracted, the DU workflow would return a data table containing the field names and values.

The RE workflow could then use the GetVariable activity to get the data table from the DU workflow. The data table could then be used to compare the data in the PDF file to the data in the database record.

Cheers @klem.joseph

Excellent, @Palaniyappan. And the 2 different workflows can live together in the same project? That was the piece I was missing. I will give it a try. Thanks!

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you can and will be able to invoke using this activity


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