Parts of my workflow have vanished from the disagner panel but my workflow still runs normally

First of all I apologize in advance if my question is too obvious, I am a beginner.
My project is a flowchart saved few hours ago. It was almost done but I wanted to check it one last time tonight and when I opened the code, the main sequence was almost empty. I tried running the file and it works (the result is exactly the same), I can see almost all missins activities in the “Outline” panel but I can’t see them anymore on the disagner panel which is very annoying.
It seems like all my ‘for each’ activities have changed their logos (from arrows to square), and I can see in the outline panel that all the missing sequence are located under a ‘for each’ activity.
Is there any way to get my main sequence back (with all the activities at the right place).
Thanks in advance!

Hello @EsperB ,

Can you provide a screenshot with what you see there, to better understand what’s happening?

Are all the activities collapsed maybe?


Try this:

  1. Close your project/studio
  2. rename your project.json file to something like project_backup.json

now when you reopen your solution, studio will attempt to recreate the json file. Hopefully this fixes your issue. It has happened to me a lot of times where i have had to recreate the project json to fix weird studio issues. You may have to add the dependencies again but that shouldn’t be complicated.

Hope it helps!

Hi RKhan,
I have tried but unfortunately, it does not solve my problem. It recreates a .json but I have even more activities missing.

Hi wasea,

In blue this is what my for each look like: It seems collapsed but it’s not …

And on the right, there is the outline panel where you can see all the missing activities (in red).

I just need all those activities back in the designer panel. I can access some parts but I can’t see the full code.

more activities were missing because you needed to re-add the dependencies from the Package Manager. The new project.json wouldn’t have those.

If it still doesn’t work, try reinstalling studio.

Indeed! You were right!
It did not solve my problem though… But thank you for helping me!
I finally solved it: apparently there was a problem with the antivirus of my company which downgraded versions on different apps and tools.
I had to re-install UIPath on my laptop and upgrade/downgrade some Packages.
Thank you for your help!

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