Particular machine execute process with action do not complete whole process

We recently deployed a new machine and while testing a process that includes an action to be executed, we found that after the action is completed, the process automatically switches to another available machine to continue the work. (This action requires the user to select it in the automation cloud, and it is written in the script using ‘create form task and wait for form task resume’)

The situation is that if there are no other available machines at the moment, the process will continue to complete the subsequent work on this new machine. However, if there are other available machines, the process will switch machines to execute the subsequent work after the user completes the action.

After testing, other machines did not encounter this situation, and the operations before and after the action will be completed by the same machine.

I would like to ask what could be causing this? Is it related to the machine settings?"

我們近期部署一台新的machine,在測試某一個含有action要執行的process時,發現在執行完action後,該流程會自動跳轉到其他有空的machine繼續完成工作。(該action是user需要去automation cloud中的action進行選取的動作,在腳本中以create form task and wait for form task resume來撰寫)



想請問這是甚麼原因造成? 是否與machine設定有關?

Hi @sammi.c
Please check the setting in trigger.