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I am working to automatize an extraction from BI tool to excel, but when I do everything in my automation, Internet Explore have problems sometimes: it can lead to say the download couldn’t work or only partially loaded which cause a problem in our files. Is there a way to be sure the robot, when doing the extract be sure the download is well done and completed? Or is it an Internet Explorer problem? How can it be solved?

Thank you for you time and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @BOYER_Tommy

Seems like due to some issues with network or any calls that you make the files that are being downloaded from Internet explorer has the extension “.partial” because the download is not complete.

You can check for the completion by getting the file name and extraction the file extension and keep checking it periodically on whether the download is complete.

But, if the download is incomplete the file extension will always be partial and the only was is to retry the download (set number of times) until is succeeds.

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Thank you Raghavendraprasad.
I will try to see if it is a network problem

Have a nice day!

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