Parsing texts to get names, claim numbers, date etc

I have this text below, sometimes its this much , some time it can be long, i need specific parts of texts like this into a variable. Below is the texts
Patient Level EOB

Payer America WORLD File Date 11/19/2020
315416 Forign RD
FLORIDA, NY 68145701 Adjudication Date 11/18/2020

Payer ID 65457770 Payment Type ACH

Provider ST JOHNSON HOSPITAL Payment Number 1854
CHICAGO, IL 60677 Payment Amount $1,135.60

Provider ID (NPI) 1658745585 EFT Date 11/23/2020

Additional Payee ID 415448823

Claim Patient ID 39982452219W Payer Claim Control Number 123544ag-6838744121

Patient Control Number JP45875 Statement From/Thru Date 10/26/2020 - 10/26/2020

Patient Name JOhn, JOSEPH Bill Type 86 - 3

Insured JO, JO Rendering Provider ST JOHNSON HOSPITAL,

Rendering Provider ID 10241548755

Service Line Detail

Dates of Service: From: 10/26/2020 Thru: 10/26/2020

For example i want Claim Patient ID 39982452219W, EFT Date 11/23/2020, Patient Name JOhn, JOSEPH from the above text, how can i parse to get that from the above text into a variable, Eventually i want claimPatientid = 39982452219W, EFTDate=11/23/2020,patientName= john joseph.

How can i make the parse/regex start at claim patient id and ends before payer claim control Number?


Check as below

Hope this helps you


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Use Assign and check as below

claimPatientid = system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(sampleString,"(?<=Patient ID).*(?=Payer)").Value

EFTDate = system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(sampleString,"(?<=EFT Date).*").Value

patientName= system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(sampleString,"(?<=Patient Name).*(?=Bill)").Value

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Hi @Jay_Chacko

If you want to learn Regex, check out my Regex MegaPost below


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