Parsing Excel Derived Data with Irregular Formatting

Could someone pls share their strategy in parsing tables formatted irregularly:

Like suppose we are looking to fetch the ‘Name’ and ‘Type’ of those with greater than 100 ‘Attack’.

Hi @mayuyu

I would like to refer back to your previous post on which we formatted the irregular formatted excel with data

So, for this scenario, i would like you to start from this point, by first formatting the datatable and getting the missing data in place as I have explained to you in the attached post.

Next, what you have to do is, to filter by attack, you cannot filter the datatable as it is, because if you filter by attack, you will lose the other rows. Hence, first let’s create a column in the datatable.

use add data column activity and create a new column to hold attack data.
next, just like we populated the other data like index, name etc, use the same logic here to fill that new column with the attack data.

So for example your datatable should look like this…

Once you prepare this, then you can use the filter datatable activity to filter the data using the attack data :slight_smile:


Thanks as always.
Yes i thought of using your ‘rebuilding the datatable approach’ as per previous post.
Im just curious to see what other possible techniques can be employed in a situation wherein the formatting is just too irregular or messy.


I suppose there are many way to archive it, and I’ll attach one of them. Hope the following helps you. (19.0 KB)



Nice one!
Clever usage of 2-level Dictionary!