Parse Double from string with  

I have value in HTML element: 10 272,31
I try to Double.Parse it but UiPath returns: “Input string was not in correct format”.
I replaced “,” to “.” and “\u00A0” to “”, but after that string is “10 272.31”. Also replace " " to “” doesn’t helping.
How can i replace nbsp?

10 272,31 → this is your input. What are you expecting in output.?

I expecting 10272.31

Hope this may help you.

stringReplace.xaml (6.0 KB)


No. 10 272.31 is at HTML element. It comes to UiPath as “10 272,31” with unbreaking whitespace. So replacing “\u00A0” to “” does nothing

Used Activity “Replace” instead of “Assign” and everything worked with replacing “\u00A0” to “”

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