Parse a SOAP XML

Hi , i have been trying to fetch a value of @ID@ from a particular @IDType@ from the XML

Could you please help with the approach .

test.xml (742 Bytes)

Hi @benjamin.9052,

Do as follows

  1. add following package in to ur project

  2. Send a request using following activity


  1. output will be JSON String you need to De-serialize use following activity

  2. Read your Json

The attached xml file was not working, so I have corrected it and made it readable.

But the approach could be something like.

Main.xaml (6.2 KB) test.xml (997 Bytes)

find attached Demo Game XAML:
SOAP_SearchByIDType.xaml (6.3 KB)
working with corrected / adopted XML:
test.xml (862 Bytes)

Implementing following:

  • retrieving all IDTypes
  • Showing a input dialog and let user select the IDType to search for
  • seraching the corresponding ID
  • Message Box with the retrieved ID Value
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Thank you Everyone , all your approaches were really amazing .:smiley:

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