Parents Assistance Bot

Parents Assistance Bot

Use Case Description

These days everything including the classes for children have switched to online mode. The parents are also busy with their work but need a way to keep tab on the daily activities of the kids. The following bot will help the parents to keep a tab on the homework assigned to the kids and confirm it is completed on time.
As we have switched to online mode, the assumption is that the students upload their work on Google drive / school website.

  1. The bot will be scheduled to run at the end of the day.
  2. The bot will first check regarding the respective subject homework assigned by the teacher. This can be done based on the combination of teacher name ( for the respective subject) as well as the keyword used to assign homework ( e.g. Math’s homework or the homework for Math’s will be assigned in the Math’s folder)
  3. The bot will then go to the individual students folder to check if the new homework assignment has been uploaded to the respective drive/ website.
  4. If the homework has not been completed i.e. if no file uploaded by the student, the bot will send the notification the students parents ( via Twilio SMS or email notification)
  5. If the homework has been completed, the bot will send an optional notification the parents ( if opted by them) as well as make an entry in the monthly report excel sheet.
  6. At the end of the month, the bot will send the consolidated report for the homework done by the kids to the parents/teachers.
    As the bot regularize the daily check on the kids, this will encourage the kids to complete the work on time as well as provide the parents the right information for their kids work. This will enable them to on top of their kids regular work at all points of time.


Other information about the use case

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