Parameter Editing UX

Invoking workflows and custom activities (including library activities) with arguments requires a lot of manual setup for the arguments.
I wish there was an easy way to copy and paste the arguments (name, direction, type) and the bound variable names from one invocation to the other, either as a group or one by one.
This can be a real time saver when you decide to add one more parameter to a number of sub-flows that have the same (or a similar) signature.
For example if I have multiple sub-workflows (let’s say 5) that handle emails in my process and I design them to work with a number of parameters such as toAddress, subject and body and I realise that it may be a better idea to also have a ccAddress and an attachmentList and so on there is no choice for me other than to visit each flow and manually add the same parameters multiple times. This is even more problematic when the type of the arguments is non trivial (the types have parameters).

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