ParallelExecution in a loop


Can anyone help me on this one.

I have to wait for an image to appear which may take 5-10 min(can be less or more) and also handle n no. of pop-up that occur anytime during this wait. Please note that this should be done in citrix automation.

You can use delay or image exists, or image appear activities…

I have to do two thing in parallel so I tried using parallel with on image appear on one side and image exists on other side, but it worked for only one pop-up not for multiple pop-up’s.

check the selectors…its supposed to find both…

Thanks for your reply but as I have mentioned this is citrix automation, selector is same both.

Hi. I just came up with this quick. I don’t know if it is what you are looking for but may give you an idea?

something like this:

So use a long TimeoutMS on the Find Image, and once it shows up it will store it to an variable which ends the Do While loop.

And it will keep closing the popup (with a long TimeoutMS too) in the Do While.

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This works thanks @ClaytonM